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(no subject)
SzS -- eyes on my back
tropospheres wrote in amuse_box

(Pirate AU Meme.)

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Others will roll a number at the
RNG and reply to your comment.
Decide on your roles and play!
Threads of more than two are welcome and encouraged.


1.  Boarded:  Your ship has been boarded, and as captain you've been captured!  Better hope the other captain gives quarter.  Alternatively, it's a nice warm day for a swim.  That plank was made for walking.

2.  Victory:  You've captured another ship!  You knew those extra cannons would come in handy.  And let's hope they've got lots of swag!  Where's the captain? Are you the decent sort, or are you going to rub their face in it for a bit?

3.  Swab the decks:  You're a cabin boy!  It's a good thing you don't mind doing all the dirty work, right?  Anyway, the captain's calling; better see what they want.

4.  Marooned:  For a bit there you'd thought you were in Davy's Jones' grip, but somehow you've washed ashore with the driftwood.  As you stare dazedly up from the surf, you have questions.  Where are you?  And who's that already on the shore?

5.  Buried Treasure:  Sink me! You've really found the mother lode. . . but you're not the only one.  Who gets to take the treasure back to their ship?  Better make sure it's you.

6.  Rum:  Rum, everywhere. 

7.  Swordfight:  It's that person you can't stand!  And they've taken your most valuable possession, that one of a kind thing you just can't live without!  Better get that trinket back before it and your nemesis are gone over the side forever.  Let's hear some swashes buckling.

8.  Mutiny:  The tack is full of maggots and this drinking water may as well have come from the gutter.  There's one person to blame for this, and you're here to make especially sure that they pay for it.  The captain does always seem to take the best treasure before everybody else.

9.  Kidnapping:  Don't they look rather peaceful, innocent even, sleeping so soundly there with their fancy nightclothes and pillows.  Brings a tear to your eye, it does.  Better take them aboard and send for a ransom.

10.  Take a Gamble:  Gotta spend your loot somehow, but it must have been the rum that had you bettin' everything at once!  You've lost to your hornswagglin' shipmate; what did you lose, and what will they make you do now?

11. Under the Sea:  You are now a Mermaid/Merman!  That sailor over there sure looks appealing; let's see if you can lure them in with your charms.  Don't forget that they can't breathe under water!  You do seem to always forget, don't you. . .

12.  The Doldrums:  Can you say cabin fever?  The sails haven't moved in weeks.  You're about seeing if your mates can relieve this awful boredom.


meme by. [info]tropospheres  and [info]pandarosi 

Netherlands || Hetalia

[ Coughing in the shallows with the rest of the driftwood from the wrecked ship, Kiku can feel solid land again and he sits down as the waves wash around him. At least he can rest now, for a while...

But what is that - there's someone already here?

Perhaps his luck has run out after all..]

Artemis Fowl II || Artemis Fowl

[Aged-up or still 14, your pick! ♥]

1 Looks like Arty caught himself the Sea Wolf

[And he's tied up on the deck looking five kinds of pissed off, refusing to sit or kneel unless someone kicks his knees out from under him]

7 maplebro Expand

Nill || DOGS: Bullets & Carnage

s...even. /messes with it so it actually makes sense

[WELL, there was a swordfight, but it's... over now. He's only a little bruised and the only bloody wound is a shallow but long cut on his arm. His opponent is... dead.]

[Creepy. But he's watching you sleep, Romano.]

Crow || Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

Nepeta Leijon | Homestuck

Haha! Did you s--

[He trips. Who put that . . . mast thing there anyhow. Denmark's as drunk as well, a sailor. He always wins when he's drunk.]


[He knows it's your ship. It was a good fight, Is, but you're done for.]



Those guys didn't know what they were getting into when they challenged us.

[. . . well that wasn't the plan.]

John Egbert | Homestuck

[So much yes.]

7 This can only end specatuclarly.



But he still spins the cutlass like a damn pistol in his hand to get a feel for it.

Hungary | Axis Powers Hetalia

6. And it's been a while~

[ This whole plan to "swing from a rope, grab the girl, and vanish off to the higher decks" might have worked better if Neil hadn't been hitting the bottle.

Or three.

Also, you know what else helps? Depth perception! ]

Yahooo! [ Still, he's cheerful enough as his swinging body passes right by his target and he dismounts only to end up rolling along the canvas tarp covering the cargo hold. ]

Julusmole Bayhan | Thomas no Shinzou

Seychelles | Axis Powers Hetalia