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Pirate Meme 2.
Wisdom chicken
tropospheres wrote in amuse_box

(Pirate AU Meme.)

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Threads of more than two are welcome and encouraged.


1.  Boarded:  Your ship has been boarded, and as captain you've been captured!  Better hope the other captain gives quarter.  Alternatively, it's a nice warm day for a swim.  That plank was made for walking.

2.  Victory:  You've captured another ship!  You knew those extra cannons would come in handy.  And let's hope they've got lots of swag!  Where's the captain? Are you the decent sort, or are you going to rub their face in it for a bit?

3.  Swab the decks:  You're a cabin boy!  It's a good thing you don't mind doing all the dirty work, right?  Anyway, the captain's calling; better see what they want.

4.  Marooned:  For a bit there you'd thought you were in Davy's Jones' grip, but somehow you've washed ashore with the driftwood.  As you stare dazedly up from the surf, you have questions.  Where are you?  And who's that already on the shore?

5.  Buried Treasure:  Sink me! You've really found the mother lode. . . but you're not the only one.  Who gets to take the treasure back to their ship?  Best make sure it's you.

6.  Rum:  Rum, everywhere. 

7.  Swordfight:  It's that person you can't stand!  And they've taken your most valuable possession, that one of a kind thing you just can't live without!  Best get that trinket back before it and your nemesis are gone over the side forever.  Let's hear some swashes buckling.

8.  Mutiny:  The tack is full of maggots and this drinking water may as well have come from the gutter.  There's one person to blame for this, and you're here to make especially sure that they pay for it.  The captain does always seem to take the best treasure before everybody else.

9.  Kidnapping:  Don't they look rather peaceful, innocent even, sleeping so soundly there with their fancy nightclothes and pillows.  Brings a tear to your eye, it does.  Best take them aboard and send for a ransom.

10.  Take a Gamble:  Gotta spend your loot somehow, but it must have been the rum that had you bettin' everything at once!  You've lost to your hornswagglin' shipmate; what did you lose, and what will they make you do now?

11. Under the Sea:  You are now a Mermaid/Merman!  That sailor over there sure looks appealing; let's see if you can lure them in with your charms.  Don't forget that they can't breathe under water!  You do seem to always forget, don't you. . .

12.  The Doldrums:  Can you say cabin fever?  The sails haven't moved in weeks.  You're about, seeing if your mates can relieve this awful boredom.


meme by. [info]tropospheres  and [info]pandarosi 

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Cloud Strife * Final Fantasy VII

6. Lol, not far from canon, huh?

[ Well if it's rum he's wantin' to get, this wench is sure as hell the one to talk to about that. Seventh Heaven Tavern's the place to be to relax and wash off the toils of the sea. And since he's the first one that night not to make a grab for her... loot, he might even get a conversation to go along with that smile of hers. ]

LOL the dice - they don't lie

[he hits this particular tavern every time he's in port. He tells himself it's because the mugs are actually clean here. So he's at his usual spot in the corner table where he can keep an eye on the door and incidentally be sitting near the back exit of the building and when his mug of rum gets set down in front of him, all with the miracle of not sloshing it everywhere, he'll already know who's delivering it and his head comes up so his blue eyes can fix on the face framed by all that dark hair.

She doesn't look too harried tonight.

His 'thanks' is mumbled as he wraps gloved hands around the mug and his voice stays quiet as he asks:]

Anyone in town I should know about tonight?

[ And the answer comes without hesitation. She's his eyes and years in this little village of theirs and not too conflicted to help out a pirate in need. The local authority wasn't doing much in terms of living up to what they offered, and she wasn't beyond giving up her loyalties to those who actually earned it. ]

A general from the Royal Navy. [ Bouncing from one table to the next and dulling out orders, she hears a lot of conversations here and there, snippets of things that the young woman has learned to piece together. ] Goes by the name of Tseng.

I think you know him?

[his eyes narrowed just a little at the name, flares of blue lightning before they relaxed again and it was answer enough. For anyone else it would have been the only answer but Tifa... Tifa was different. She was one of the few he trusted and the information trade went both ways. One of his shoulders shifted and his heavy booted feet stayed planted flat on the floor.]

He's the stuffed shirt I stole Aerith from.

[one time experiment and highly sought after in the Empire, the Aerith was the sleekest, fastest ship to ever slip out of dry dock. More maneuverable with a shallower draw, she could slip past any blockade and find harbor in places other ships couldn't reach. And Cloud had been the one to steal her away before the paint was even dry on her figurehead.

The Empire was still a little miffed about that.

Cloud's eyes sharpened on the woman in front of him.]

He's clever, Teef. And heartless. Might be a good idea if you had to visit a 'sick aunt' somewhere else until he's gone.

[while they didn't advertise their strange relationship, he suspected there were a few in town observant enough to note it. And to think of making money off it.]

[ She gives a light shake of her head and picks up an empty mug at the next table. ] Don't you worry about that. Anyone who's anyone around here knows I don't have family. [ A small little shoulder shrug. ] Not on land, anyways.

[ A group of patrons erupted in drunken cheers, which stole her attention and concern for a quick few seconds before they returned to the young man seated before her. ] They keep a good watch on this little town, here. And me leaving would only tip him off that you're here.

[ Another glance at her surrounding was given before she slide him a fresh and still steaming plate of food she managed to scrounge together the moment she saw the gleam of his blue eyes enter through the tavern doors. ]

Here. You need to eat more.

[he wonders who she has at sea that she considers family and then forces himself to focus and push away the odd pang at the thought. Again, she's being stubborn because there's no way she missed his point. She's in danger if anyone connects the two of them, not him.

He's a pirate and he's only supposed to be concerned about his crew but still, she's his... friend teammate moral compass and memory holder - Tifa. She's his Tifa and he's not going to let her get hurt.

No matter how stubborn she's going to be.

The plate of food gets a blink though. He - can't remember the last time he stopped to eat a real meal... the last time he was here, probably. And this smells just as good as it did last time.

Ifrit's breath, even something she throws together tastes good.

But he still catches her wrist lightly, ignoring the food for a moment despite what it does to his stomach. He's seen what Tseng and his minions do. Very closely and very clearly and it's going to be a long time before he can smell pig cooking without remembering another smell.]

Where's Barret? He's not at his regular post tonight.

[ It's you, silly. It's not about being stubborn, in her mind. It's about keeping up pretenses and not tipping people off of what's going on. She understands his concerns, but there are other people here that relay on her as well. With Royal Navy soldiers campaigning across Caribbean waters, there are very few places that people can feel safe. Where they can escape from the intimidation of the Queen's men after a hard day of working for her taxes.

Plus, there were Denzel and Marlene to consider as well. Tifa wasn't going to leave them.

And while she's seen what the military has done and are capable of doing, Tifa hasn't had the... pleasure of witnessing the talents of this... General Tseng. His hand catching her wrist, however, steals her attention. He gets concerned often - all the time - when he leaves her behind. But there was an urgency and desperateness that she hadn't seen before.
] He took the night off for something.

[ She gives a small jerk of her head towards the man seated near the door. ] That's why I hired Vincent to take over and help out when he's out... doing his side businesses.

[his head turns to focus on the other man and he sees that what he first took for Vincent simply lurking was actually the other man guarding the door. At the moment though Vincent's eyes are on the fact that Cloud's laid hands on Tifa without her permission.

Tifa's been Cloud's to protect for a lot longer than a hired night however and the blue fire of his narrowed eyes dares the other man to try to take his place. Vincent, too calm and cool, doesn't accept the challenge, turning his attention back to the door instead. Whether it's because the dark haired man is her hired watchdog or simply because he has enough faith in Tifa to not come unless she calls him, Cloud doesn't know. Or care. He's already turning his attention back on the woman in front of him.

It's hypocritical to tell her that Barret's 'side business' is going to get her in trouble one day so he doesn't. What he does say, fingers still around her wrist, is:]

Tseng doesn't do his dirty work alone. Have you seen a scruffy, talkative red head or a bald headed stone wall of a personality in here today?

[ Trusting as she was, the final decision in hiring Vincent hadn't rested on her shoulders, but Barret's. Because just like Cloud, the muscled man was protective of her when he wasn't around to watch over the bar and the barmaid. And it was with that knowledge that Tifa had followed the blonde's gaze when he turned to assess her the newest member of her payroll. It was only natural. It was only expected. A lot of people cared for her and the kids. And a lot of people were suspicious of the characters that tended to roam the streets of the village.

Understandable, most of them weren't types to be making company of.

Relax. Barret's as suspicious as you are when it comes to hiring new crewmen, you know that. Vincent checked out.

[ But they had been careful in choosing the replacement, checking out that they knew, and digging around for what they didn't. And while there hadn't been much out there to find out about Vincent Valentine, what little people did know was good. So it was with that assurance that she turned her hand in his grip and lightly curled her fingers around his wrist. It was the sort of gesture she knew not many would be able to get away with. But captain had never minded when it came from her. ] And if you're talking about Reno, I've seen him around. Never here, but usually when I'm at the market, though.

[Cloud allowed Tifa's touch because he liked Tifa's touch and there weren't many he would say that about. Even when it was encircling his wrist where the hidden shackle scars were and he knew she was capable of using the weak point of his wrist to twist him, he still felt no compunction about having her hand on him. The only pity was that his leather gloves were between their skin. Or maybe that was just better for both of them.

Cloud knew about Vincent. He would trust the man to do what he was paid to do. But he wouldn't trust anyone with Tifa's safety. Never that.]

Reno and Rude. They're too good at their job. If you see them in here, best assume they're coming for you. The kids know how to get to where I harbor Aerith, right?

[ And for another moment more, she lets her hand stay just there, circled around his wrist. Tifa had been the one to tend to those scars, so of course, she knew of them. And on that particular day, the young woman had felt very helpless and fearful of the life that he led away from her. But it was necessary. It was always necessary. Marked as a pirate, he did good with his time. But sometimes, good was dangerous business.

At a the sound of breaking glass, she let her hand slide from his grip and knelt down to pick up the broken pieces that the patron at the table next to him had shattered. All the while, Tifa kept her voice low and just soft enough for only him to hear.
] They've known since before they could read. [ Here, she risked a glance up into those deep blue eyes of his. ] I made sure of that.

[ And though she knew, knew, knew that it would only trouble him to know. as much as Cloud had been a help and a friend to he and her establishment, he deserved and needed to know. ] ...But it's Shinra we should be worried about. I've seen him outside of the Tavern, asking around and talking with the neighbors. I trust them not to say anything about you but... I know he's suspicious.

[he lets her go but the 'shove off' blue eyed glare he shoot the man that dropped the mug was cold and hard enough to have him dropping coin and moving on. He would have glared anyway, Tifa had to pay for those mugs and she had enough to do without some drunk adding to her work load with his mess, but the spill had taken her attention away from him and he never reacted well to anything that took her attention away from him.

The kids were different. They multiplied everything good and warm about Tifa's attention.

His eyes did sink though when she mentioned the place being watched and then they came back up with a snap. For a second - he almost blurted the 'come with me'. He didn't like leaving her alone where he couldn't watch her and the children. He didn't like not knowing they're safe and he was there if they needed him. It would have taken nothing at all to scoop her little family up and -


Introduce them to the life of a pirate? So they could deal with the dangers of sea going voyages as well as battles to subdue other ships? Yeah. That was a great life for two little kids and Tifa. At least here, hurricanes were something you hunkered down behind closed doors over and cannon balls didn't threaten to rip through your bedroom wall regularly. No. They were safer off here and the less they saw him the better it would be.

So he bit his own tongue because it didn't matter if he wanted them with him or not and he concentrated on the plate of food in front of him. Digging in he grunted:]

Then I'll give them less to be suspicious about.

[ He's grinning as he ducks into the cabin, attempting to wipe the sweat off his brow with a scuffed wrist and ending up smearing it even more. The long rag he'd been using to give the ship's wheel a good old rubdown before one of the mates decided it'd be funny to try and mess with the new cabin boy is tied to his belt, which is itself hanging off, his shirt untucked and one boot missing.

All in all, Zack is a mess. ]

Called for me, captain?

[ But a cheerful mess. ]

busting a gut laughing so hard

[he'd had something to talk to Zack about. He's sure of it. But when the door to the cabin swings open and Cloud looks up from the chart he's been looking over, the sight that greets him earns a blink - and entire mind wipe of whatever he'd been planning.

This was... new.

Finally, voice calm and dry, he simply asks:]

Seagulls eat your clothes, Zack?

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lmaooo mission accomplished!

[ A short bark of laughter at the captain's dry words, and then a sheepish rubbing of his neck as Zack gives himself a once-over, pausing to straighten his haphazard state a bit before shaking his head. ]

No, sir. [ And then he glances back up, that grin still tugging at one corner of his lips. ]

Seagulls know better than to try anythin' with me.

[the edges of his own lips quirk upward at the other man's grin. It's impossible to really resist Zack's smiles. He's not worried about Zack and any of the crew members. He's got a good team, if a bit of an oddball one and they all work well together in their own mismatched way. Zack will find his place or they'll find it for him but either way he's not likely to lose fingers or toes in the process.


He will gesture toward the bare foot however and ask mildly:]

Are they going to return your boot or did they fly away with that too?

[ When he sees his smile returned, and by the captain no less, Zack's own grows wider, pleased at the reaction. He hasn't been on board for too long but already he knows he'll like it here-- and that here'll like him too. He can see it in the bright blue gaze in front of him, a feeling of belonging and camaraderie and everything'll-turn-out-okay, and he shrugs with a chuckle. The scuffle on board just now had been good-natured roughhousing, nothing he couldn't handle. ]

Ahh, I'm pretty sure it'll turn up. One way or another.

[ He rocks onto his mismatched heels, hands sliding into his pockets, inquisitive eyes wandering across to the charts Captain Cloud had presumably been looking over before Zack had entered. ]

[he's going to have to shake his head. He's never had anyone lose a boot before... somehow, even though he's still figuring out the new cabin boy, it doesn't surprise him at all that it would be Zack to manage it first. He'll absently gesture with a hand as he goes back to the charts.]

I need a pair of good eyes. Where did you say you were from?

[ He perks up at the question, all enthusiasm and pride. ]

Me? Gongaga!

[ A tilt of a spiky black head as Zack tries to make sense of the maps on the table from where he's standing. Unsuccessfully, though; keen sense of direction and trustworthy instincts aside, he'd never been good at geography. Still, he adds helpfully, ] It's down in the south.

[he makes a sound. Can't help it really. So he covers it by looking down at the charts and nodding. One of his fingers flicks in a seemingly random direction.]

It's that way. What I need to know is if the river near there might be navigable.

[his eyes lift to focus on all that barely contained energy in the doorway]


Sure, it is!

[ His eyes in turn follow the flick of that finger quickly, feet shuffling on closer to peer down at the charts from where he stands (not close enough)-- but alas. Still can't figure it out... scrunches up his nose thoughtfully. ]

But it's shallow. We'll need a smaller boat, with just a few men. [ Lifts his gaze again. ]

Plannin' a raid, cap?

[Cloud knows this is test time. He should find out if his newest crew memeber's loyalty lays with him - or his old home.

Except that's not the way things are on this ship. Home is a sacred place and once a village or town is claimed by one of the crew, it's considered untouchable. Not that they make that common knowledge of course... So instead he'll just shake his head and then meet those blue eyes with his lighter ones.]

Need a place to harbor the Aerith for a few days. Somewhere hidden and out of the way. Repairs to make and news to gather. Gongaga's enough out of the way and close if there's harborage near. Think there's a cove or switchback somewhere near there we can rest up?

[ Raw relief as Zack sees Cloud shake his head; his loyalty lies with the ship and the crew, sure -- to the death. But there's a few things beyond loyalty, things that either make a man or break him, and it would've majorly sucked to end up dead just a few weeks into his service to stay unbroken.

He scratches his jaw and then grins. ]

Huh... there ain't a cove, but after the shallow stretch the river goes longways past the desert into the mountains. Sorta like a switchback, but on water.

[Cloud saw the wash of relief and ducked his chin against it. Zack was still young to their lifestyle and something in Cloud wanted, strongly, to protect him from the more soul crippling parts of it as long as possible. Today, at least, Zack's soul was safe. Cloud came around the side of his desk and clapped the cabin boy on the shoulder on the way past to head up to the wheel.]small>

You'll be with the landing party then. Aerith's got a shallow draw. If we can get past that point of the river, we'll hole up there for a while.

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